Hello. This Is Jim Walter. Read Here About My Story And Tips To Cure Kidney Disease With Diet

Hello. I am Jim Walter and 50 years of age. I have my own online marketing agency in Denver for about 20 years. With 200 people working for me, I have always delivered the quality in every project I undertook. My wife Kate takes care of me and my kids in the best manner. I want to share my life's painful experience with you. For one year back, I fell ill for a few days. It did not take it so seriously and got back to work after taking some pills on my own.

I am Jim Walter a kidney disease sufferer
I am Jim Walter, a kidney disease sufferer and I run own online marketing agency.

About My Background

After a few days, it came back and I felt weaker this time. My wife insisted me on going to family doctor. He properly checked me up and took some blood and urine samples. In a few days, my wife called me to tell what the report was all about. She cried on phone and told me about kidney disease. I was shocked to hear that and I knew that I had to take this matter seriously. I rushed to doctor along with Kate to discuss about further actions.

He asked me to get admitted to the hospital so that further tests can be performed. I stayed there for a week and met Victor who was undergoing the similar kidney problem. After meeting with him regularly, we became good friends. He told me some good foods which could improve my health conditions. They have worked for him as well. I want to share them with you so that people like me also can take advantages and live a longer, better and healthier life.

800 to 1200 mg of phosphorus per day
You should take 800 to 1200 mg of phosphorus per day.

Low Phosphorus Diet

  • If you ask your dietician, he will suggest you taking low phosphorus diet. It is a mineral present in the meats and dairy products. It is required to form strong teeth and bones. However, in the initial stage of kidney disease, the kidney starts to lose its ability to eliminate extra phosphorus from the body. You must take less phosphorus so that the bones don't get damaged because of too much phosphorus. You should take 800 to 1200 mg of phosphorus per day if you are diagnosed with a kidney disease.
  • It is good to eat low protein diet because higher proteins means higher levels of phosphorus. You must get in touch with your dietician to get the right amounts of these ingredients.

Low Potassium Diet

  • You need potassium in your diet so that the muscles and heart work smoothly. That's why, it is strongly recommended to keep the right levels of potassium to stay healthy. This is one job which kidneys do. They keep the levels of potassium in your blood appropriate. If the kidneys are not working properly, they lose this ability.
  • It is recommended not to eat the foods which have higher potassium levels in them including dried fruits, apricot, oranges, potatoes, salt substitutes and bananas.

Low Protein Diet

  • As mentioned earlier, you should not take the foods which are rich in proteins. Some of these foods include fish, poultry products, meats, grains and nuts. If the kidneys are not working well, the by-products of the proteins start to accumulating in your blood. It becomes even harder for kidneys to function and worsen the condition further.
foods which have higher potassium levels
It is recommended not to eat the foods which have higher potassium levels.

What You Should Do

  • You should eat starchy or bland food and it is suggested to have more of nutritional drinks.
  • Eat small in several intervals rather than eating heavy meals three times. It will give relief to your kidneys.
  • If your appetite is poor, you should start reading about favorite dishes and even watch the cookery shows in television. It will make you feel better.
  • Dialysis is the best option for you if you lose your appetite with the passage of time. Some people feel that it improves their conditions to a great extent.

My Current Condition

I followed all these steps and now, I feel I am recovering fast. I feel better and healthier. Now, I can work with the same zeal as before. I have control my diet and lead a happy and good life. My doctor tells me that the health condition will be improved in a few months if I continue following a healthy diet.

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