The Best 5 Efficient Ways To Improve Kidney Function And Your Health

The kidneys perform a couple of essential body functions: excrete toxic waste and regulate body fluids. Healthy kidneys can filter and clean the blood and then eliminate the waste of the body in the form of urine. There are different factors involved in making the kidneys healthy and functional including exercise, diet and dealing with medical conditions like diabetes which can cause kidney malfunction. In order to prolong life quality, here are some ways to improve kidney function and health.

important to identify the weight that must be lost to enhance overall health
It is important to identify the weight that must be lost to enhance overall health.

#1: Lose Excess Weight

According to experts, obesity can result in the development of kidney disease as blood pressure raises and development of type 2 diabetes. It is important to identify the weight that must be lost to enhance overall health. Activities like jogging or walking and a regimented exercise program can be performed every day to lose weight. Dietary habits must be changed to minimize intake of saturated fat that can increase the risk of having medical conditions which can affect kidney function. To know pre-existing medical condition, a physical exam can be undergone. It is important to talk with a physician to know the right diet plan to improve kidney health and function.

#2: Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Chronic consumption of alcohol can damage the kidney, prevent proper waste excretion and impair fluid balance. Alcohol can change the way fluids and electrolytes are regulated by the kidneys. It is important to stop drinking excess alcohol or abstain altogether.

#3: Perform Natural Kidney Cleanse

There are available kidney cleanses which can detox the urinary system for proper kidney function. Drinking eight ounces of unfiltered apple juice combined with twenty drops of hydrangea root tincture every day up to 4 times for 3 weeks can improve the health and function of the kidneys. Aside from the cleansing, it is essential to drink up to eight glasses of water every day in order to flush the system. It is imperative to consult with a physician when starting a kidney cleanse to make sure that this is safe to the overall health.

refined grains must be replaced with whole grains
You should remember that refined grains must be replaced with whole grains.

#4: Low Phosphorus In Diet

Healthy and functional kidneys regulate the phosphorus level in the blood. But, when the kidneys are damaged, this function would not be served requiring a person to change his diet in order to prevent elevated level of phosphorus. In general, foods rich in phosphorus are high in proteins like beans, dairy and meat. Fruits or sherbet can be consumed instead of yogurt and ice cream. Also, broth-based soups can be consumed instead of milk-packed soups. Refined grains must be replaced with whole grains.

When the kidneys are working properly, wastes are removed from the body and protein remains in the blood. However, weak kidneys cannot separate protein from the wastes. People with low kidney function should not consume high amounts of protein.

#5: Stay Away Acetaminophen pain Medications

It is necessary to avoid taking painkillers that contain acetaminophen. Using these in excess can result in kidney damage. When aspirin is taken for the heart, a person should talk with a doctor about maintaining kidney health.

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